June 30th, 2006



We've all heard the theory that Book was an operative, or a former operative. I was listening to Firefly talk the other day and in the forum recap they discussed a thread about what Book was doing on Serenity. It got me thinking.

What if he was there because of Simon and River? I've heard both the Signal and Firefly Talk bring up this theory and dismiss it because he signed onto Serenity before Simon in the pilot. But did he? We see him first, true. But the first time we see Simon he's directing helpers with his cargo. (The crate later revealed to be holding River.) I doubt he was walking around checking out ships while lugging that big bulky crate around. We don't actually see Simon negotiate his passage, so it could be some classic Joss misdirection that we see Book first. Perhaps Simon arranged his passage then went back to get the crate.

Then there is the scene in the pilot where Simon is caught in the cargo bay and Mal thinks he's just contacted the Alliance. One of the things I rarely hear remarked on is the fact that Book was there at all. He steps out from behind a crate to tell Mal that he's got the wrong man. But why was Book in the cargo bay? Not only was he there, but he was hiding.

There are a lot of holes in that theory, the big one being that Book left the ship and if he was there because of Simon and River why would he? Though if he was there to spy, was it necessarily on behalf of the Alliance? Could he have been there to make sure they were safe? Could he have had something to do with the resistance movement Simon was involved with?

Just some thoughts. Trying to look at Book in a different way and maybe stir up a little discussion.


Just out of curiosity, what is everyone's screen resolution? I ask because I make tons of wallpaper, usually at 800x600 and 1024x768, and I'm wondering if I should start going higher in the future.

Many thanks!

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