July 3rd, 2006

Punk Hangeng

Silly Nathan

I just realized that I NEVER posted my picture here from when I met Nathan!! I have been to many conventions, but this was by far my most favorite con picture EVER! Ignore the fact that I'm in it, please!

It's actually my photo op with Jonathon Woodward, but Nathan decided to make an appearance!

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Spreadin' the love

Last night, my brother watched Serenity for the very first time. He's never seen Firefly, but he hears me talk about it all the time. He thought the movie might be cool so he wanted to watch it. He absolutely loved it! He even picked up on some of the Serenifly lingo. Like, he quoted "Dear Buddha, please send me a pony and a shiny plastic rocket." True, he didn't say the line right, but he put "shiny" in there all by himself! It made me so proud of him! And this morning he came up to me and told me he couldn't stop thinking about Serenity. It was that good! Now he wants to watch Firefly and I will be right there to watch it with him. It seems I have recruited a new Browncoat! Yay!