July 9th, 2006


New Browncoat!

Hey! I'm new to this community! But not to Firefly. I've watched it from the beginning way back in 2002, but I've only started becoming active in the online community for the past year.

I have a question though. Is this community strictly for firefly talk, or is the movie included too?
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Okay, so I’ve checked out the Dragon*Con website and it appears that at this point there will probably NOT be any D*C hosted Serenity/Firefly RPG games so, I figured that I would attempt to host my own game, seeing as it’s the gaming I was REALLY interested in doing at D*C anyway. I mean why shouldn't the Browncoats be able to game there favorite verse?!

So here’s the deal. I’d like to host a game for the Serenity/Firefly RPG and will attempt to do so in my Hotel room (The Hyatt/Browncoat floor). I figure that We don’t want a crew of over 9 plus a GM that makes 10 slots (if there is overwhelming interest we’ll come up with something so that everyone who’s interested can get in on the action, or maybe other Folks with step up to host a little game of there own). I of course file one so that leaves 9 left. Of course any non-players who want to squeeze into the room to watch and poke us and what not will be more than welcome!

The only requirements to play will be that you have your own copy of the RPG book, your own dice, and your own paper and pencils/pens and a calculator might not go amiss.

If you are interested please send me an E-mail at Wiccanslyr@yahoo.com with your Name: Whatever we’ll know you by and your contact information: Email and any Messenger accounts you want to share. This is so that I can get you further information as this all progresses.

Seeing as how it will all run a little smoother if we pre-gen our characters make sure you “call you job” when you “sign up” Meaning we only need 1 Captain (must have), 1 Pilot (must have), 1 Mechanic (must have), 1 Doctor (Optional), 1 Physi, and no more than 2 each of Companion and Mercenary characters (optional). Other “professions” can be found in the source book. You will need to list your top three job choices please.

I have never hosted a game before nor have I ever GMed one (if anyone would be interested in GMing this thing please let me know) but I am more than willing to give it my very best so that we can all have fun and game well!

Also all character sheets will need to be approved by the GM in advance of D*C.

I am officially reserving a Companion character slot for myself in case someone else steps forward for the GM position, if they do not that slot will open up.

I’m hoping that we can have more than just one session as well but time schedules will be fleshed out further once we have our crew together.

I really think that we can pull this off and have a blast! If there are any questions or suggestions or comments please leave them here!