July 15th, 2006


Big Damn Champions

Ten day off the net let you some times for Firefly footage, so here's the first I made those days : ) I have to credit "Aimee" (though I don't know her) cause it's her vid' about the Buffyverse on that song who gave me ideas for this one...

Title: Big Damn Champions
Artist: Queen (We are the Champions) 
Spoilers: including pictures from all the episodes but none from the BDM
Details: 8.43 MB, WMV file
I guess I'mn not the first one to use this song... I never found any Firefly vid on it though, but I hope you'll enjoy this one : )

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Hey there - I'm looking for pictures of the firefly/Serenity cast goofing off. I'm making a wallpaper and if any one can provide me with caps from the special feature on Serenity "the journey" I think it was called - where Nathan and Gina are dancing, or when Nathan collapses on Alan and Alan says "he's been drinking again Gina!" - anything like that - pictures from cons or photo-shoots - as long as they're goofing around - I would really appreciate it! Thanks!