July 21st, 2006

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New Video:

Fandom: Joss Whedon (Buffy/Angel/Firefly-Serenity)

Heard the song and this video HAD to be done. I’ve been working on this one for a few days, ever since hearing the song.

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Does anyone know were (or if) there is a place were I can download firefly themes to my SE K700i? I made one myself, pretty shiny I might add, but somehow the file was corrupt or something, because my cell refuses to use it. Since I'm in Sweden, the best would be to download a theme so I can bluetooth it over, but I would be willing to pay, if there is a site that can be used from Sweden

[update] I found another theme creator, and that worked, so I guess that the software I used was the problem. My question still stands though, because I don't feel like creating themes left and right, it's hard work ya know ;)
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I hope this is okay to post here. There's nothing against it in the userinfo, and this is related to Firefly. If it's still not allowed, I can delete it. But it IS relevant to the comm, so I figured, why not?

We all know that there are communities around to rant about all the stupidity that ensues from the actions of fangirls/fanboys. But there is nowhere around to rant/chat about the actual fandom itself.

There are hundreds of communities around about specific movies, TV shows, and music artists, but there is no single community to discuss what you like or what irks you about all of them at once. Thus I've created fanspeak. This community aims to break that separation by allowing you to discuss and post about any movie, TV show, or music artist. So if you want to catch up on what's happening in ALL of your fandoms these days, this community is for you.

If you're interested, please join fanspeak and post! And try to pimp the comm to your friends!
[got] the king in the north

Firefly Vid: Mal & Inara

Title: Mal & Inara
Music: Bear McCreary
Spoilers: Mainly Firefly with a bit of Serenity
Details: 19.0 MB, wmv
Link: Here

This deals with Mal, Inara, Mal's issues, Inara's issues, all sorts of issues that came up and prevented those two crazy kids from being together. 

Comments are shiny! :)
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