August 2nd, 2006

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WANTED!! Characters from Battlestar Galactica, Dead Like Me, Firefly, Harry Potter, Lost, the Secret Circle Series, Star Wars and Underworld.

Eremosis is a mutli-fandom game set in an original setting that is undergoing a rebound from it's own down fall. We have an overall plot with plenty of room for any character to become involved. Heros and villians are welcome.

We have a set of great, friendly, mature mods - who love plot as much as they love air they breath. They have successfully run another active roleplaying game for over 6 months. So have no fear that this game will die, shortly after it starts.

Game will open once there are a few (2 to 3) more players.

IInsider gossip...sorta

So yesterday, Himself was working on Daybreak, Adam Baldwin's new show for ABC. It also stars Mitch Pillegi from X-Files and Taye Diggs (the MC from the movie Chicago).

Apparently, when they woren't working, Baldwin and Pillegi were goofing off with their prop guns, much to the annoyance of the first AD (assistant director). Also, in one scene Baldwin had with the actress playing his ex-wife, she had to stand on a box because he was so much taller than her.

There was also a scene where Diggs was supposed to be holding Baldwin at gunpoint and takes his gun away, which Himself found amusing because Diggs is a much smaller guy than Baldwin and really didn't look all that intimidating.

Himself also reported that he spent much of his time when he was waiting around humming 'The Hero of Canton' under his breath.

No, he did not actually do so loud enough for Baldwin to hear or actually get to talk to him, as that would have gotten him kicked off the set and likely fired from Central Casting.

And there's your Hollywood Insider scoop for the day!

New fanvid : )

I ended a video I was workin on for a while... trouble is Windows Movie Maker just didn't stop from crushing again and again so I couldn't check the match images / music at the end... Hope it's not too bad anyway :

Title: To Be Broken
Fandom: Firefly - River centric
Song: Adelaide, Old 97's
Info: Wmv, 3'40 min, 6,40 Mo
Spoilers: some images come from BDM and River Tam Sessions
Note: Black and white vid