August 9th, 2006

Nana: Hachi/Nobu - hands

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Don't know if it's been discussed, but I've been a member here for about 3/4ths of a year now, and I haven't seen anyone touch on it.

Now, we all know that River slashes Jayne across the chest in Ariel and says he looks better in red. (Wacky fun!)

Exerpt from the Serenity comic:
[Mal is wearing a red shirt and just finished explaining their next job.]
Mal: Anyone else has words, now would be the time.
River: I hate that color on you. I always have.

Interesting, I thought. Wonder if there are any particular meanings behind it? What do you all think?
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Anyone else have troubles with I know the website's down now, but back in February I ordered a t-shirt from there (cost me $28, and I'm not very rich at all!) and I still haven't received any news about what's going on. Apparently the person in charge got overwhelmed with the load of customers, and closed up shop. Later she updated her website saying she was going to slowly refund costumers their money, and process the orders which she already had done. That, too, was quite sometime ago... and now, I'm getting kind of impatient.

Any ideas, guys?

Sorry for complainin' here, just thought you folk might understand. I'm just very disappointed in not having a geeky Firefly shirt.