August 10th, 2006

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Age Question

Hey guys, I just had a quick question. I'm not sure if they've mentioned it and I missed it, but I was curious to know about how old Kaylee was supposed to be? I was assuming her early or mid twenties? Or am I way off?

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hello guys,
I'm from Russia,some weeks ago i've seen The Serenity movie!!!!
I love it!!
But i can't watch Firefly series in my country.
So i want to ask if somebody have any eps of these serial??
I can't download from bittorent an emule ((

(no subject)

Hey,does anyone have the Bedlam Bards albom thats full of firefly filk?  I'm looking specifically for the song played at the end of Firefly Talk's episode 29--they didnt give the track name, but i absolutley love it and want more!

First time fanvid creator....ready to beat my head against a wall for my BDH's

So here's the gist withoutall the cussin' and all that...

I have an awesome idea for a firefly fanvid that I want to develop, I've never done any video editing/production but I do a fair bit of audio work. Anyways I don't have a vid cap card, I do have all the DVD's of course (what browncoat doesn't) anyways I've been trying to nab the video/audio off my discs but that has proven fruitless so far...

so for those more vetrean(I know that's spellt wrong) movie makers I have two questions:
1. I have two dvd writers (one is dual layer) and no video capture card, processor is an AMD 2400+ with 512 ram. What is the easiet way to nab the video off the discs without problems? hard drive space is not an issue...

2. what is the best ***freeware*** video editing software out there? I have no itentions of shelling out large sums of money for what /may/ be a one-off project.... Oh and I'm running win 2k so I don't get any windows movie maker love.... :(

Thanks for the help guys.
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