August 13th, 2006


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There's a new multi-fandom RPG here on LJ called Camp Nowhere. It's set at a summer camp full of many characters from many fandoms. You can take your favorite character to camp! For more details go to camp_nowhere.

So far the only Firefly character that's taken is Kaylee. Go join!

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AIM Virtual Shindigs

Hiya 'Coats,

If perchance there's interest to be had here, there's a virtual Shindig in progress in the AIM room 'Firefly.' Miss it? Come join us next Sunday! They start each Sunday at 6 PM GMT (2 PM EDT in the States, 1 PM EST). Today we're watching 'Bushwhacked', next week we'll continue in series order. So c'mon out for some bush-wacky fun!