September 8th, 2006

Big Damn Thank You

On behalf of a good friend and Browncoat extraordinaire, 'MalNourished' as she's known on, we give you:


You are cordially invited and strongly encouraged to look over the site, leave a comment, and above all, drop a line or three of thanks to Universal for letting us have our Serenity. Obviously it'd be shiny as all get-out to have as many 'Coats as possible come up with a few words, or even some graphics or fan art, before the end of the month so that we can lay this in 'Versal's lap on the big day. But even if the Real-Life Reavers get to you before then, you can still try to escape to the site after the 30th and say your words. So come on out and show your support, and remember....

Spread that signal!!!