September 11th, 2006

Fan FIlm

to my fellow writers and brown coats --- thought i would spread the word we are in the middle of filming a fire fly fan series web- based --- check it out at --- we are filming out of Vancouver BC -- its been a long haul but one more weekend of shooting and we should be in post production and it will be able to be viewed and down loaded on the website ----
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Browncoat Ball Discount Tickets

The folks who are putting on this year’s Browncoat Ball in San Francisco are hoping to get about 20 - 30 more people signed up for the ball, and are making a limited number of discount tickets available on eBay, at roughly 20% below the normal price. The discount tickets are $125 for the full weekend (that includes two dances and two dinners, folks!), $80 for the Saturday ticket (which includes the boat tour and the ball), and $60 for the Saturday night ball tickets. You can find them here:

They’ve also announced that there will be an on-site masseuse as well as a hair/makeup artist at the hotel. Their services are not included in the ticket price, and they can each accommodate only a limited number of clients, but if you’re looking to truly pamper yourself before the ball, they’ve got you covered.

So, if you haven’t ordered tickets yet, do it now, ’cause the ball’s almost here! And please let your off-list browncoat friends know about this too!

(BTW, while it looks like there are only 3 listings on eBay, that’s because there are multiple tickets available in each listing.)

-- Adam

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