September 21st, 2006



are there any fics that are completely in-canon for Inara and being a Companion? i have an idea for a fic (well, it's a "missing scene" from my most recent fic), but I have no idea where to start for Inara. i guess i'm looking for how she is as a Companion, really. how she's trained, how she reacts to clients in her shuttle....

it's ok to email me (email is in my user info) instead of commenting.
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Sale extension...

Hey Folks,

I've received a few emails from folks saying how they wish I had done this on Thursday and Friday because that's when they get paid.... so, because I'm a super cool dude (AGREE WITH ME!!!) I've decided that I will extend the offer from yesterday until Friday evening.

So now you have until 11:59pm, Friday September 22 to get in on the "Buy One, Get One free" webstrip deal, the "Sketchbook w/ Sketch on the back" deal and the "buy a print, get a sketch card" deal.

I want to warn you, there are only 4 Celebration III prints and 4 Female mandalorian prints left.

I will also extend the offer to the Karen Allen Print. Anyone who purchases a set of the "Raiders" by Cat Staggs and I will get a 8.5 x 11 head sketch of the character of their choice (drawn by me... not Cat, LOL).

If someone purchases the Elektra brown bag piece in the store, you'll also get a 8.5 x 11 head sketch of the character of your choice and if you buy the Gothmog (from Lord of the Rings) I will throw in a Sketch Card with a character of your choice.

If you buy a sketchbook, print, print set, the Elektra or Gothomg, PLEASE in the memo of the Paypal payment, let me know who you want sketched.

Basically, I'm cleaning house on art I have available and I'm wanting to make sure the people who want it can get it!

Ok, get a shoppin'!