September 25th, 2006

  • jarrow

Firefly Feud!

Hey y'all! I need some trusty Browncoat assistance, here. I'm hosting game shows at Flanvention 2 in December, and one of the rounds will be "Firefly Feud" in the classic tv style. I'm hoping that you, my fellow fans, will be my data pool!

Answers can come from either Firefly OR Serenity. Please only put ONE answer, even if you have a hard time choosing. Please only answer each question once, even if you have multiple lj names. Answers are kept private so possible contestants can't go in with a cheat sheet.

Thank you so much! :-D

Poll #829720 Firefly Feud!

What is your favorite episode?

Who has the most interesting/intriguing backstory?

Who is the sexiest character?

Who was the baddest baddie?

Who has the best character arc?

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FF jayne

(no subject)

Does anyone happen to know where I could get some screencaptures of the bloopers from the BDM? I've looked around, and I know where I can find captures from the movie itself, but I can't find any blooper captures. Any help would be appreciated, as my computer doesn't have any programs that can take screencaptures of movies.


FF Zoe Die trying
  • faile02

Looking for a fic

Hey, does anybody remember reading a story about Wash, and how he thinks about what would have happened if he has met Kaylee before he met Zoe? I thought the author was musesfool, but after searching both her website and her lj, I've discovered it's not there.

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