September 27th, 2006

Hercules: Whatever

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Okay folks, I have a question...perhaps I just over looked this, but...

Which if you uber clever firefly/serenity fans knows the name of the planet that the training house is located on in Serenity, where the Operative goes to get Inara and Mal rescue's her?

It's not Sihnon. That much should be obvious because that is not the house Inara trained at. In the deleted scenes, she talks about how she and sheydra started training at 12. And that these girls weren't really companions because of it. So, I am assuming that that means they are not in Sihnon or any other core world where the guild has houses. I assume this is a more remote planet, with a guild house.

Anyone have any knowledge about this?
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I have huge news for all you East Coast Browncoats!

November 10th-12th in Springfield Mass. Untied Fan Comic Inc. has our favorite Mechanic, Jewel Straite!

You can find out more information Here!

There's also going to be some Stargate and Battle Star Galatica stars there as well :D I really think I need to go!
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Big Damn Oklahoma Shindig

Ever read about all the awesome shindigs that Browncoats nationwide throw and wish there was one right here in Oklahoma?
Now your wish is about to come true.

Who: All Oklahoma Browncoats
What: A Shindig featuring the Bedlam Bards, whose Firefly/Serenity inspired CD topped the charts online
( )
When: November 19th, time to be announced
Where: A stunning historic winery and vineyard located between Tulsa and OKC
Why: A great chance to get together and enjoy music, costumes, door prizes, hors d'oerves, and wine tasting for guests over 21.
How much: Only $20.00 per person prepaid. There will be a limited number of tickets available at the door for $25.00.

What I need from you:
To make this happen, to do the impossible, I need at least 50 people willing to prepay to cover the room rental and the catering deposit. I already have 30. If you are in Oklahoma and interested, please feel free to comment on this entry or e-mail me @
with a total and a way we can contact you when tickets are available.

This is a great opportunity to unite the Browncoat community here in Oklahoma, and we'd love to make this an annual event.

Are you ready to help us fly?

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