September 30th, 2006

NewB with a question

Is it normal for the website to go down on a regular basis? I was reading this absolutely perfect fiction there, totally hooked on chapter one, and when I clicked the link for chapter two, ARGH! It's been down hours now! Worse, I can't remember the title of the story to even search for it anywhere else.

The best part of Chapter One of the fic was Kaylee nonchalantly putting out a fire in the engine room while talking to Simon about Jayne's spit-tacular knife sharpening habit. Simon had just fled the kitchen to try and eat his meal away from Jayne. I swear it was like watching an episode, it was that perfect. Does anyone know of it? Something about new beginnings, set after the BDM?
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LOL asl

(no subject)

Happy "Serenity" Premiere Anniversary Day everyone! (Or US'ers anyway) I'm planning to celebrate by going to a marathon tonight, arranged a group at my college (RIT). How is everyone else marking this wonderful day?
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Ewok Weed

Special Offer coming up...

For those of you that are not members of my Yahoo Group... now would be a good time to join.

On Monday, I will be offering pre-orders for a Yahoo Group only sketchbook. It will not be offered at Cons or in my eBay store and only Group members will be able to get it.

The Sketchbook will include original sketches for "M", "The D'Vilknights" and some Star Wars concepts created during the past 3 years for the Hyperspace webstrip. There will also be a few doodles of the Buffy/BSG//Serenity/Comic sort.

The ordering will also only be available from Monday October 2 until Friday October 6 of this week. So if you are planning on joining, jump on it before 9am PST Monday October 2nd. The pre-order info will be sent out at 9:15am PST on the 2nd.

The sketchbook will not have a limit per person, but what is ordered between Monday and Friday is what is printed.

To Join, go here: