October 5th, 2006

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Seeking Info on Browncoat Charity Events (Past and Present)

I'm looking to collect information about Browncoat charity events, past and present, around the world. If you or someone you know has ever organized a charity event in the name of Firefly, Serenity, or the Browncoats, I'd like to hear about it. Please send the following information to charities [at] this-land.net (or just comment on this post):

* Organization (if a group effort):
* Person in charge (contact e-mail (will be protected at all cost)):
* Type of event (e.g. clothing drive, auction, screening):
* Date of event (general season and year will do, but the more specific the better):
* Location (city, state, country):
* Number of people involved in planning:
* Number of people in attendance:
* Amount of money raised:
* Beneficiary (e.g. Red Cross, Equality Now):

First order approximations will do.

It amazes me the number of lives that will never be the same because of Firefly. Being a newbie, I can't take credit for any of it. I just want to hold a mirror up to what y'all have accomplished and say job well done. Once I've collected, organized, and pretty-fied the information, I'll post it somewhere for general admiration. Then I'll find something better to do with it (like tell Oprah).

As a side note, if you are currently running a Browncoat charity event and are looking for door prizes, check out this-land.net for really awesome Firefly plushies and Jayne hats! Discounts available for charity groups!

Can't take the sky!
charities [at] this-land.net
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Oklahoma Grand Shindig *New Information*

Ever read about all the awesome shindigs that Browncoats nationwide throw and wish there was one right here in Oklahoma?
Now your wish is about to come true.

Who: All Oklahoma Browncoats and Flans
What: A Shindig featuring the Bedlam Bards, whose Firefly/Serenity inspired CD topped the charts online
( http://www.bedlambards.com )
When: November 19th, 2006 3pm-7pm
Where: A stunning historic winery and vineyard located between Tulsa and OKC
Why: A great chance to get together and enjoy music, costumes, door prizes, hors d'oerves, and wine tasting for guests over 21.
How much: Only $20.00 per person prepaid. There will be a limited number of tickets available at the door for $25.00.

Tickets are now available! You may send a check, money order, or well concealed cash (at your own risk) to:
Tidal School Vineyards
P.O. Box 747
Drumright, OK 74030
Attn: Amber Bingham/ Oklahoma Grand Shindig

or, if you would prefer, you may purchase tickets via my paypal

All ticket purchases need to include names, address, phone number and e-mail address so we can contact you and send you your tickets. Total seating is limited to 100, so book soon!

This is a great opportunity to unite the Browncoat community here in Oklahoma, and we'd love to make this an annual event.

Are you ready to help us fly?

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Apologies to insect life

No. Guys.
The most beautiful things in life are ALWAYS the most short-lived.

It's terrible and it hurts but firefly is done. It's a gimpse into the bigger world that resides in all of us. The life that each of us could live was symbolised in Firefly but the big bad corporate world took over and destroyed us. It's the saddest fucking thing in history that it was cut short, but that's the story of a million lives. We have to live Firefly within ourselves. It's a torch of hope that we must use to light the beacons of hope that we pass by each day. Don't feel sad, feel good. Good that we all shared in something that represented that part of us that never gives in.
Hypocritical? Possibly. But that's the battle we fight. Turn your energy from the fight for a new series and into the fight for a better world. We have the power. Why use it for a tv series and not for a better actual world?
I can be drunk and post. Why not?

Whatever, stay shiny,
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Digg that Crazy Whedon Guy

If you have an account at digg.com (or even if you don't), please go to http://digg.com/movies/Rumors_of_Serenity_2_s_Death_Have_Been_Greatly_Exaggerated and digg the story. As of this morning, there were 645 diggs on the erroneous story about Joss saying there would be no sequel. Joss refuted that today (http://whedonesque.com/comments/11513#144407), and it would be good if we could counter the negative rumor mill as quickly as possible. (The incorrect info has been seen on IGN and G4's Attack of the Show already). Please let others know about this too.
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I don't know if people have noticed or if it's been discussed here before, but our man Lawrence Dobson (Carlos Jacott) is on Studio 60. There's too many people from my fandoms on that show for me not to watch but yes. Sarah Paulson, who played Dr. Caron (or omg-we-created-Reavers-girl) is also on that show. :-)

Figured I'd bring it up since someone just mentioned Nathan's going to be on Lost. With Gina on Standoff, Summer on the 4400, Nathan on Lost, Adam in the upcoming daybreak... it's almost like Firefly's back in a way...