October 18th, 2006

Twilight Sparkle - happy reading!
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Hello fellow browncoats; I hope it's all right to put a small ad for our site up here. If not, please let me know and I'll take the post down.

Barring that, on to the important stuff! I'd like to advertise our site:


We're a relatively new site, hoping to fill the void in every browncoat's life by offering plushies of your favorite characters. :) We sell various Firefly-inspired merchandise including Jayne hats, character plushies, ice planet props, and bags! Everything is hand-made to order. There are pictures of items we've made so far up on our products page, and more will be added soon! You can order on our website, and we will also have an independent press table at Megacon 2007 in Orlando, Florida if any of you will be there and would like to stop by. We also have links to a few browncoat organizations and other sites selling merchandise that we thought were nifty.

Hope you'll take a look if you get the chance!
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Browncoat poll -- how do you keep the Firefly spirit alive?

We all miss the show and wish that new episodes could be made – or at least we could be given a sequel to the movie. What methods do you use to keep the Browncoat spirit alive and keep Firefly (and its characters) close to your heart?

Reading and writing fanfic
Creating and/or viewing fan art including icons
Creating and/or viewing fan vids
Watching the episodes and movie
Discussing the episodes, movie, characters, storylines, etc with other Browncoats
Attending conventions
Participating in fundraisers (such as screenings of the movie to benefit Equality Now)
Following the post-Serenity careers of the actors
Participating in “Guerrilla marketing” for the movie and show
Converting friends and family into Browncoats
Attending local (in real life) Browncoat groups

Other methods not listed above (please fill in)?