October 21st, 2006

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I just wanted to share what I found written in my brother's notebook, that he wrote for his class this year (he is ten at this time). All errors are his.

My favorite TV show is Firefly. It is about a ship called Serenity. It is like cowboys in space. There are 9 crew members Captain Malcom Renalds, Wash the piolete, Zoey the first mate, Kalleye the engineer, Jayne is a guy who loves guns he names them, River who s crazy, Simon is the doctor who is Rivers brother, Sheperd Book is a preacher who stays on the ship, Anara is a companion which I don't know what that means. The Aliance are the bad guys.

In the pilot episode they are talking to people to come aboard and go places. (Oh and the crew of Serenity does crime) Later they meet Badger an english buisness man. Oh and while they are taking people aboard an Alience 'mole' gets on and captures Simon and River and I quate "Nobody move or I'..." he never got to finish his sentance because Mal (Malcom Renalds) shot him in the face then they throw him off the ship.

I just thought it was cute, especially the part about 'Anara'

<3 Laura
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couple of things...

i'm watching Serenity for the first time in several months. still love it. and i think that the fact that Joss' speech from the screenings still moves me, is pretty dang cool.

also, it occurs to me that i need a new ringtone. anyone know if the Fruity Oaty Bars theme song is available as one? thanks!
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