October 23rd, 2006

  • jezemel

questions about objects in space

I have a few (most likely dumb) questions in regards to Objects in Space.

I know that River is walking around reading the crew's minds, but I don't understand some of the thoughts she encounters.

Jayne says, "I got stupid. The money was too good."
That is in reference to Ariel, correct?

Book says, "... So where does that put you?"
I'm unsure of what he means by that, and why his tone of voice is as it is. Is this just another way of hinting at his questionable past and possible ulterior motives for being on the ship? Any illumination on that would be appreciated.

Inara says, "I'm a big girl. Just tell me," and Mal says, "None of it means a damn thing."
Tell her what? What the hell am I missing?

I feel as if I am missing some fundamental character issues because I completely understand Simon's thought and where it stems from.
l. parker; let's go steal a sweetheart

Sydney Supanova

Aussie Browncoats:

Just wondering who's gonna be going to the Sydney Supanova this weekend? I mean, other than me and Summer... Hee. (www.supanova.com.au)

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