October 26th, 2006

Welcome to the business end of the entertainment business

Ok, guys look...

I own the DVD set of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.. A show that FOX canceled and has no future plans to do anything with.

I also own the DVD set of Greg the Bunny. Again, a FOX show that got canceled and has no future plans to do anything with.

And by ghods the day that an official DVD set of Max Headroom gets released, I am so there. And how long has it been since THAT property was viable? (OK, yeah, I may be dating myself with that one...)

But yeah, the production companies and distributors get a fee for those.

As well they should, seeing as they ponied up the initial funds to develop and air the shows.

You don't have to like it. But it is the reality of it. FOX and Universal are *within their legal rights* to do it. They made the investment, they should reap the profits. And merchandise sales count, just like DVD sales.

This is not the Alliance. This is not Blue Sun. This is how a TV show or a movie gets made. This is how profit is made, which determines whether or not to move forward with a sequel.

I find the notion that the entertainment industry should not behave like, well, an *industry*, to be rather odd.

Fan owned license

I have an outlandish notion regarding the licensing and merchandising of Firefly/Serenity.

What if the Browncoat community raised enough funds to buy the license from its owners? We could release it into the Creative Commons, allowing derivative works with the provision that a portion of profits go to Equality Now.

One of the defining traits of fandom is the feeling of personal ownership of the works that we love. We could make this a literal ownership with some hard work, negotiation and fund-raising.

Don't dismiss this too quickly. Let the idea stew in your head for a while. Tell your Browncoat friends. Post it everywhere fans gather. Who knows what might come of it.
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Fangirl Rant

In recent fandom news, 11th Hour Art has just been smacked with a "cease and desist" order from Universal Pictures for selling Firefly/Serenity related artwork.

Am I surprised?

Well, to quote a certain mercenary, "I saw that one coming."

For years, fans of the show and movie have been making money off of selling obviously Firefly themed t-shirts among other things, despite the fact that they do not old the legal rights to do so. Using movie/show lines and logos among other things in merchandise is breaking the intellectual rights of Joss Whedon and Universal.

Yes, fans were encouraged to spread the word, fans were even commended for spreading the love with t-shirts that they made themselves and GAINED NO MONETARY PROFIT OFF OF. However, a line was crossed and it may have taken Universal awhile to realize it but they had every right to lay the smackdown.

Officially licensed t-shirts were released and certain people kept selling their own versions of the Serenity logo shirts and Blue Sun shirts. This came into direct competition with Universal. did no one think that this would not lead to trouble? Remember, entertainment is a BUSINESS, it wouldn't exist if there was no one to make money off of it, but in our legal system only certain people have the legal right to do so.

What disappoints me is the outrage from fans. I thought that a fandom was about sharing the love of something - not about making a profit off of it. They are not taking away a fandom, they're taking back their rights.

If you agree with what I have to say, please see that the link to this article is posted/passed along.
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fact or fiction

A girl I work with said that Joss stopped doing Firefly because his Angel/Buffy fans didn't like it.  I'd heard many times beforehand that Fox(aka the evil empire) canceled the show themselves.

Edit:  What everybody is saying is what I'd assumed from watching behind the scenes, etc.  Thanks, I'll let her know she was misinformed.
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So here's a different take on it -

Two things I thought of. Could this just be a way to gain more publicity for the show on Universal's part? I mean, they can't care about $9k, the movie's been released over a year ago, things are settling down again... perhaps they're just hoping to stir the pot some? What's the phrase that comes to mind - all publicity is good publicity? Maybe they're just trying to make a splash on the internet scene.

Also, the part of me that's determined to be cheerful and take an optimistic look at this says, "hmm, maybe they're cracking down on licensing infringements because they're going to DO something with the title." What that might be, I don't know. In our wildest dreams we could hope for another movie I guess, but who can say. Anyway, let me just remind everyone that seldom is life just white and black. I mean, there could be a happy silver lining to all this, which is definitely a form of gray.

Something to think about.
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Officially Licensed Products

Ok, There have been and currently are on the market Officially Licensed Serenity merchandise. (Note Firefly's license is owned by Fox, not Universal. Fox is the bad guy NOT Universal)

If you want to continue to support the BDHs and show Universal the size of our fandom, order these products from QMX. Right now they are offering money (no not THAT money) and a replica of Captian Tightpant's pistol. There is ALOT more in the works and they have a page you can sign up to get updates.

Oh and for those of you wanting a T-shirt as always try Hot Topics
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Oklahoma Grand Shindig *Time Running Out*

Time is running out to purchase tickets to the Oklahoma Grand Shindig!

I am now honored to announce that the proceeds from the charity raffle will benefit The Royal Gauntlet Birds of Prey. This amazing group rehabilitates raptors that have been injured and releases them to the wild, if possible. Much like our Serenity, they do the impossible and "Keep Flying", and I'm excited to announce that a few of these majestic birds will be joining us for our Shindig. If you have ever wanted the opportunity to get close and personal with a red-tailed hawk, or perhaps see one fly close over your head, this will be your chance!

Also, I have received some very shiny donations for the charity raffle, and I know I will be buying a few tickets...we are still accepting donations for the charity raffle as well.

All of the pertinent information is posted under the cut, but feel free to contact me at:
if you have any questions. I will respond as quickly as possible to all inquiries addressed to that e-mail address, and it is the best way to get a quick response.

Even if you can't attend, I ask you to help spread the word. Repost this in your journal. Repost this on any website you can think of that might be pertinent. We don't want anyone to miss out because they didn't know, and the success of this Shindig will determine whether or not we host another in the future.

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