November 10th, 2006

FF River "no damsel in distress"

Summer Glau

Hey guys, I'm looking for a good resource for Summer Glau pics.
She's been at a lot of conventions and what not, and in 4400, Mammoth, and what not, so screencaps for those, Convention pics and what not.
Anything would help.
Blue Steele
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A week and a half later!

If you are interested - my friends and I dressed up as River, Kaylee, Jayne and Inara for Halloween. I only posted a few pics in my Halloween gallery - but you get the point. We had far too much fun and were recognized everywhere we went. (It was mainly the Jayne hat that brought the attention...)

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"I'm sure Inara's got some good whorin' stories..."

On the subject of pic pimpage... are we still doing this here? I've been MIA for the past six months (not that I was ever a big presence or anything, but even my lurking has been MIA for about forever!) and have no idea if this is still allowed. If it isn't, please accept my apologies. If it is, may I humbly present a little sketch of Jayne with a BDG (big damn gun? ^_^).

Fake Cut to Pic

Thank you.
Soji - necklace

Speaking of costumes...

The last post just reminded me that I never posted any of the photos from when my husband and I dressed up as Mal and Inara at Dragon*Con this year! I think that if anyone could appreciate it, you guys could! The photography was done by our very talented friend Lionel who hadn't seen the series, but we explained to him the relationship between the two characters and I think he captured the "feel" perfectly. I like to call these "A whore and her Captain."

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P.S. Not a lot of people recognized the costume I did. It's based off the Inara cover of the Serenity graphic novels.
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Browncoat Poster Project

I'm working on a new poster design that's going to be a tribute to browncoats. It's going to have lots and lots (and lots .... and lots) of text on it. Essentially, I'm creating the design from nothing but text.

What I'd like to include is names (real and/or screennames), short browncoat-related messages ("SF Browncoats rock!"), memories ("drinking in the bar with Jewel at Flanvention"), inside jokes ("Nathan Fillion smells of turnips"), shoutouts, etc., all from browncoats. Submissions should be less than 10 words each, but feel free to submit as many as you'd like. Unless they're clearly inappropriate, or I run out of space, I'll use every submission I get.

Please e-mail your submissions to me at adam (at) blackmarketbeagles (dot) com. And PLEASE feel free to pass this on.

I hope to have the poster ready in time for Flanvention, so please send me your submissions as soon as possible! And did I mention you should feel free to pass this on? :)
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Oklahoma Grand Shindig *Last Chance*

Sunday is the last day to purchase tickets for the Oklahoma Grand Shindig. At this juncture, I'd recommend PayPal, but if you absolutely have to mail your payment, please be sure and drop me an e-mail when you put it in the mail so I know to watch for it.

Also, for those sending checks or money orders, please be sure to make them payable to:

Amber Bingham

This event is not sponsored by the winery, and making checks and money orders payable to them makes it more difficult for me. Thanks!

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You don't want to miss this event!

Stay Shiny!