November 13th, 2006

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Yay! :D

I got a little crazy and made THIRTY-ONE FO banners yesterday...13 of them are the cast of our beloved Firefly. :D

So I give you....
[13] Serenity/Firefly

[x] Comment if you take.
[x] Credit please. :)
[x] Hotlinking will force me to send reavers after you (and is really quite dangerous, as I rearrange my PB allll the time) :D
[x] I don't do teasers on anything this big because it just takes up your space. :P Sorry 'bout that...

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Browncoat Poster Progress

Submissions for the Browncoat Poster project are coming in fast and furious. Someone posted it to Whedonesque,which didn’t hurt! I’ve got 350 entries so far, and I’m hoping to get about 100 more by Wednesday, which is when I really need to get started on laying all the text out. If you want to submit something, e-mail me at Even if you don’t have any quotes or memories to submit, please consider submitting at least your screen name to the list!