November 15th, 2006

  • erekose

Guest Star Sighting

I was watching NCIS last night and something kept bugging me. I knew I had seen one of the guest actors before but I coudln't place him, that is, until it hit me like a slap to the forehead.

He was the guest star from "The Message". He verily impressed me on that episode, for being a one-shot character, I think he nailed the part; you could feel his pain and desperation.
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  • jezemel

firefly dreams

Have you ever had a dream about the Serenity crew?

I ask because last night I dreamt I was there in place of Zoe. We were being shot at from all directions, and out of nowhere, Wash comes to rescue me. I woke up with an all new crush on him. O_o

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