November 24th, 2006


How do you feel about former Firefly fans?

I have to admit that sometimes I get a little sad when I note how many people I’ve known online who were once Browncoats but seem to have now lost most or all interest in Firefly. Do you ever feel the same way?

I mean, I understand that there are a lot of reasons why someone might drift away from the fandom: people’s interests change and many folks just don’t stay with one fandom for a long time; and there are only a half-season’s worth of episodes and one movie so maybe that’s not enough to sustain someone’s interest in a fandom.

I, too, have a few fandoms that I’m not as gung-ho over as I once was. But I’ve been a Browncoat for a while now and I love how active and vibrant the fandom is -- as soon as I got into the fandom, I knew I’d be with it for a long time. There’s a wealth of fanfic, fanart, fan discussion, conventions, etc. We Browncoats really try hard to keep the fandom going.

A random thought before work.

Cause I'm in a devious mood this morning, I'd like to know ...
what are the ships with in the Firefly fandom that you can't stand for whatever reason? Are they skeevy (I like that word). And are there any ships you catch flack for liking?
Not lets not be mean people. Lets just share info. :-D
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Black Friday Joss finds....

I just got back from my one and only Black Friday shopping trip - Borders!

Borders has Firefly box DVD set for 20% off the 35.99 price
AND Buffy boxed DVD sets for $20 (they had seasons 1-4 at the store I was at).

These prices are effective until Sunday - just thought I'd share!

I picked up Buffy Seasons 2 & 3 (I wanted all of them.... but then I would be living on the streets.... but I'd have Buffy!)
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For charity, Carly Simon once auctioned off the revelation of whom she sung about in, "You're So Vain."

My question for you is, if Joss where to do the same thing, revealing to you one thing about any of the Firefly characters not definitively known at this point, what would you ask him?

If given the premise that you were not allowed to divulge what you had learned to anyone else, would you keep to that or would you tell at least a few close friends?