December 8th, 2006

Now what?

First, as someone who has both attending and helped run cons for more than 10 years, I am utterly livid at what BE has done.

Makes the rest of us look bad.

This is NOT how cons are supposed to be run.

That being said...

-- If you need to cancel your plane tix, get offline and call your creditcard company NOW. Make copies of all your receipts and send it along with a cover letter documenting exactly what happened.

-- Is there a way to get together all the names of people who payed? One person who can be a point of contact to gather names, addresses and payment info. This is fraud with criminal intent, people. And if everyone gets together and lawyers up as one, the fact that BE is an LLC won't save them from prosecution. And one lawyer representing 500 defrauded customers speaks louder than 500 separate ones.

The fact that there was no BE rep on site 24 hours out, that people were given conficting information so late that they could not cancel their reservations, that the cancellation notification was not done in a way that was readily accessible to most people - this makes it difficult for BE to claim that they tried to their best effort to hold the con but were unable to.

Not just fraud for you, but for the hotel and for the guests. Remember, they all gave up the potential of other paying gigs to be there, on the assumption they'd be paid. Even if they were notified a week out, that might not have been enough time to line up something else.

Take that anger and make a difference with it. Let con organizers go that fans won't just put up with this simply because they are fans. Clean house on it.

Again, this is NOT how these things are supposed to happen.
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I have instructions from stormkpr to repost this here, so... :p

I was talking to my sister last night and the subject turned to Firefly as it often does. Somewhere along the line, we started discussing whether there were male Companions. This led to her declaring that Book used to BE one. Specifically, a special Companion for Alliance heads of state, which is why the Alliance trusted him. :p

(It's disturbing, but it almost WORKS :p)
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