December 9th, 2006


Could it be...?

I have to wonder about the announcement of the Firefly MMORPG. As far as I knew, Fox had no more interest whatsoever in the program, and yet look at the recent developments with the series... all the episodes were re-broadcast in HD and now this. Could it be our beloved show is being revived? Okay okay, that might be a long shot, but as far as I know most companies don't go dragging up the skeletons of 4 year old TV series to make into a computer game without some motivation.

Who knows. I'm not abandoning all hope though, damnit. As Nathan Fillion said in his last blog entry, "what kind of ass gives up hope?"
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Backup Bash 2?

So now that the Backup Bash has proven to be such a big success - yay, our actors! - I have a question for anyone involved with organizing it.

Do you think you're going to do another, less backupy, thing next year? You have all the actors there! And clearly BE can't be relied on to actually come through. And I would definitely go, if there was something planned. <3 you guys.