December 12th, 2006

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River's birthday?

So, I'm a pathetically obsessed fangirl. I'm aware of this.

Do you lot remember the prop store selling the costumes and various props from the movie? Yes? Well, do you remember how one of the props was a data pad thing from the Academy?

I, uh... actually took the time to look at it closely. And, assuming I read it correctly... today (December 12) is River's birthday. I could have very easily misread it, though, since the image I saw was rather hard to read, but who knows!

So, uh. If I'm right... happy birthday, River!

Edit: I'm American, but I play in a British (er... okay, Harry Potter) RP where we kinda have to use Britspeak, and I've... kind of gotten used to that. So my brain somehow ignored that there are not 19 months in a year and read 12-19 as being the twelfth... d'oh! I'll make another post on her ACTUAL birthday. XD.
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Collecting names and info of Flanvention victims.

I am trying to prepare a list of Flanvention ticket buyers. In the case of BE not refunding our money this list will be sent to a number of places that will help us file a class action suit

Please email your information to
Phone #:
Money spent:
What you purchased: (please include the tickets and anything else such as the photo ops, autos, etc..)

(If you feel uncomfortable giving out any of the information above then just leave those sections blank.)

Thank you.