December 13th, 2006


Backup Bash Forum

Hey all ... just wanted to let you know that we've opened up a new forum to let people share their memories, pictures, videos, etc. There are also threads where people can leave thank-you messages to the donors, sponsors and guests who made the weekend possible, and a "lobby" for people still suffering from "connui" to hang out and reminisce. The forum is available directly here, or through a link on If you've already posted on your own blog, or on another site, I'd encourage you to repost it, or at least link to the original post, so that there's one central location for everyone to find post-B3 stuff!

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I'm selling some footage I took at Flanvention I. Includes about an hour of Q&A sessions with the cast. Its really really awesome!
I'm selling this dvd for $7.99 (plus $4.99 shipping US residents)
Contact me at

(I figured I'd sell this because I'm out almost $1,000 from Flan II)

Browncoats' Backup Bash Forum launched!

Posted on behalf of lexigeek, captain of the Browncoats' Backup Bash organizing team....

Thanks to everyone for making the Browncoats' Backup Bash an ridiculously improbable success. We've put together this forum to give people a central place to share memories of the weekend, keep in touch with new friends and leave thank-you messages for the guests, sponsors and donors who helped make this event possible.

Adam, Captain of the B3 Crew