December 19th, 2006


Serenity Game in Denver

So I am contemplating GMing a Serenity/Firefly game. I wanted to see how much interest there is in it. I know one of my other friends said he was going to start a Serenity game when he had a chance to but so far he hasn't had a chance yet. I don't want to compete with him if he does have one lined up but if not I was thinking about doing the game as a LARP but I am willing to do it as a table top as well. And Yes to those wondering about my other LARP I am still planning on doing that one as well I am still working out logistics on time and availability of space. Really sucks that I can either have the space I want out in the middle of nowhere and the time I want or I can have the space that is more convenient to all my players but not the time I want. I am thinking time wise for the Serenity game either Friday night (probably late like around 10pm) or Sunday and probably only once a month depending on players demands ;) so if your interested please let me know.

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Gorramn CafePress #&%&! *grumblecusscuss* (Big Damn Chefs)


I have been trying to get the Browncoat cookbook, Big Damn Chefs, online now for I dunno how long...

AND THE STUPID CAFEPRESS WEBSITE ISN'T RESPONDING!!!! I don't know if it has crashed, or what, but I'm able to get everywhere else on the net so
I'm beyond frustrated at this point.

Gorramn go-se website!!!!!

The book is ready to go, damnit.

It's over 250 pages, by the way, and is $19.95.

When the stupid site responds, I'll give you all the link...

Piece of 廢物・废物 (fei-oo) freakin' website... rrrrrrr!


Well, since I can't get to CafePress, I'll tempt you here with a list of some of the recipes...

Collapse )

For those who are wondering:

As I said, the cost of "Big Damn Chefs" is $19.95. All the proceeds from the sale of the book ($3.07 per book) go to Freedom From Hunger, an international development organization working in seventeen countries across the globe, helping hardworking women win life-saving victories against chronic hunger and build healthy lives for their children. Freedom from Hunger brings innovative and sustainable self-help solutions to the fight against chronic hunger and poverty. Together with local partners, they equip families with needed resources to build futures of health, hope and dignity. (

The book is a total of 264 pages long (including dedication, table of contents, etc). The color front cover is by Bill Mudron (and Graphics Consultant Gene Breshears), the color back cover is by Michelle Dockrey (plus the ISBN, etc). Greyscale chapter divider art is by Ben Mund and Patrish Dehler. It's published by MuPress (the folks who donated the ISBN number), and printed on demand by CafePress (at this time).

Any other questions? :)