January 6th, 2007


"Let's be bad guys!"

Warning: Generic "Hi just joined this community" post!

'lo boys 'n' girls! Took me long enough but I finally got my rear end around to join a Firefly fans community. Like many, I'm guiessing, I was hooked after first seeing Firefly and when Serenity came out I saw it twice in the cinema. Not because I'm a tragic fanboy, it was beacuse of some early teen "gangsta" wannabe's (or in my language: "Wankers") chattering throughout the film the first time I saw it, despite half the people there telling them to shut up! Me included as they were right behind me.

I have shared Firefly / Serenity with several of my friends / housemates to varying degrees of success. One housemate liked it so much he got me a Serenity film cel for my birthday last year!

I've recently discovered (and purchased) the graphic novel Serenity: Those Left Behind which, in my opinion, is one of the best drawn and coloured comics I have ever read. A trip to Borders last week also saw me talked into buying the Firefly Official Companion Vol. 1 as well as the Serenity Official Companion. Ok so the salesman didn't have to persuade me very hard!

Other influences Firefly has had on my life is that I have several "Browncoats" and "Serenity" patches on my combat gear, which I wear when Airsofting and the team I am trying to put together will be called The Browncoats. Our motto will be "We Aim To Misbehave" and I have often been heard at airsoft skirmishes to quote the characters, not always intentionally! Recurring ones are:

"Let's be bad guys!"
"Time for some thrilling heroics!"
"Boy it sure would be nice if we had some grenades!"

Im not going to go biographic here though, that's what my LJ profile is for!

So yeah! Hi!
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