January 15th, 2007


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Ni hao.

So, I've been sick recently & have had nothing to do... so I watched Firefly... again. Anyway.

I thought of a couple things & thought maybe someone who has put a little more thought into things could shed some light on them for me.

First -
In Out of Gas life support gets knocked out, which of course is half the plot of the episode. Engine is dead = no life support. It makes sense that they have lights still because that just runs off batteries, like in any car. However, they are without air or heat or anything else atmo would provide.. so how is the gravity drive still in place? I thought about that when Kaylee was talking about everything getting knocked out & then watching Mal fall to the floor. Am I over-thinking this one?

Second -
We see Inara fight in the Big Damn Movie. In fact, the only reason she even gets to fight is because she left the weird bow thing in that trunk with her clothes, etc, so she has a weapon on the ship. We also see in Shindig that she knows how to fight with various weapons, including swords. She may have never picked up a gun before, but neither have Kaylee or Simon, right? Well, she's on the ship when everyone goes to rescue Mal in War Stories, but she stays behind in her shuttle. She obviously cares about him & wants him to be saved, but even though the other two unskilled fighters go in Inara stays behind. Why? My best reasoning is she was still trying to contact the counselor to try to get some political maneuvoring going on to get Niska shut down to rescue Mal before he got tortured to death, but it still seems to me that since she knows how to fight & wouldn't be the only non-gunslinger going in, why does she stay behind? I thought about this in Objects in Space when Kaylee brings it up and says "We all went. Me too..." because in that scene Inara is standing in the background, out of focus, looking concerned.

Anyway. Maybe I'm over-thinking things or have overlooked something. Thought I'd stir up some discussion, eh?

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