January 16th, 2007

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Fangirl Silliness

So I was watching a, really not so good, David Krumholtz movie called You Stupid Man (side note: it was released in 2002, way before Serenity). I was intrigued because it was billed as a sortof romantic comedy/drama with David Krumholtz and ??Milla Jovovich?? (yes, THAT Milla - from the 5th Element and the Resident Evil movies). It just seemed like such an unlikely pairing. Anyway...

About a half hour into the movie, David has a line where he says....
"Yeah, I'm Mr. fucking Universe."

Total fangirl squee. I thought it was so funny.

Quick Review: the acting was really good (considering what they had to work with); the plot was slow I thought the thing was never going to end; the writing not so great. But David and Milla both managed to deliver lines that I would cringe at having to even read, much less say convincingly, so they totally get props..
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Two Firefly spottings

It's official: I am a fangirl. 

I downloaded Westward from Yahoo Games because I have no life and got such a kick out the 2 heroes having the names Simon and Kaylee Whedon. Whoever designed that game has got to be a fan as well. 

In other news, they showed Firefly on Danish television for the first time ever last night! At 4 am. Don't ask me what I was doing up because I just was, but I looked over and there it was. And then I realized what time it was and went from excited to distraught. No one has ever heard of Firefly over here, and the 2 insomniac people who might've accidentally caught it last night sure aren't gonna spread the word.

Firefly just can not catch a break, ya'll.

UK Serenity Live Role Play

Promised Land
A Serenity LRP Event

Date: 20th-22nd April, 2007

Pre-booking: £50
Booking: £55


Location: Horley Scout Camp,
Wroxton Road,
OX15 6BD.

Self catering – kitchen available
Full toilet facilities with showers
Booking Information
Player places: 60
Booking Dates
14th Jan - 1st Feb: First refusal bookings (offered to crew from previous event.)
1st Feb - 20th March: Pre-booking
20th March - 15th April: Booking

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You got soul

This is in response to punkbunny83's recent post here ( http://community.livejournal.com/fireflyfans/902335.html )

I have a book by British motoring journalist and host of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson. The book is called I know you got soul and is about machines that are not only iconic, but have a certain something. Mostly it's a flaw or something similar that give it character and makes it more than just a tool. He says that when the Concorde crashed in Paris several years ago, we mourned the loss of the machine as well as the people killed. Something generally not done since the Titanic sank. The Concorde had soul. Assuming you are British, it made you feel good when you saw it. You didn't care that it cost eleventy-billion pounds. As well as being supremely fast and a sight to behold, it instilled a sense of pride.

Anyway. He also included the Millennium Flacon.

I think the reason he didn't include Serenity might be down to the fact he hadn't seen Firefly.

You can see that Serenity has soul. It's more than just a knackered, beat up old cargo carrier. It's a home. It's freedom. When Mal first layed eyes on it, he was in love. It stood out from all the other ships at Dodgy Dereks Derelicts. Because it has soul. And as he says, the first rule of flying is "Love."

You can see that love, from Kaylee and Mal. His is more subtle, stroking the odd bit here and there and his reactions when she is damaged or he is faced with the prospect of losing her.

You never see Captain Picard acting in this way. The Enterprise doesn't have soul. It's a space-going battleship with cruise liner appointments and is just something to get around in.

Like the Falcon, Serenity is old, cantankerous and dirty. But it was crewed by those who loved and relied on her. She would never let them down as long as they loved her and treated her right. She show rugged determination in the face of overwhelming odds and just keeps on going. This is more remarkable when you consider that, in spaceship terms, she is remarkably similar. It was said that a Firefly will "run forever [if] you got a mechanic even half-awake" and that much is evident.

If a huge explosion ripped through the engine room of the Enterprise you have serious problems, usually involving an even bigger explosion which tends to obliterate the ship and everyone too slow to get off it in time. Serenity suffered the same fate and all that was needed to perk her up again was a "nothing part". And when the Enterprise was destoryed they shrugged and built a new one with the next letter of the alphabet. Mal used every last drop of strength and determination to revive Serenity and that's because she has soul. And we love it too. It's iconic and has often been called "The Tenth Character" as she is exactly that. The cast would hang around on set when they were not needed and when Adam Baldwin (Jayne) needed a time out did he go to his trailer? No! He had a quiet corner on the "ship" where he would go to sit, relax and unwind.

You could call it slow and I don't doubt that in space ship terms it might be. But when it's time to put the foot down, not many other spaceships do it like Serenity. No fancy warp-drives or hyperspace here. Just a big-arsed fusion explosion which literally gives her a kick up the backside to propel her along, very fast. It's a simple solution to a big problem and it works.

So this brings us to punkbunny83's question. Did we hate it when Serenity crashed and was pretty much wrecked.

Yes we did. We didn't give two shits about the mule. Nobody gave a toss when Captain Kirk destroyed the Enterprise and very few tears are shed when a racing car is destroyed. But because Serenity means so much more to us and the crew, we hate seeing her fall and, when she is repaired, we are relived. And when the rear fin falls off we laugh as she's just the same as ever. And the reason is that she has a crew who love her enough to pick her up when she falls, no matter what.
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