January 18th, 2007

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Widow on the Hill

So I'm sure most of you already know about the Lifetime movie "Widow on the Hill" which features our lovable Kaylee. I just kinda found it on accident and only got to see parts of it. I'm curious to know what happened in the end - would anyone mind filling me in?

It was very odd seeing Jewel Staite in this role because I always think of her as Kaylee. Her character, Jenny, I believe, was much older and since this is a dark drama sort of thing she was definitely NOT peppy. Quite bitter too. It was an interesting contrast and I endjoyed watching her. I missed her cute drawl though and her smile =P . Actually thinking of her as Kaylee meant I nearly missed seeing her at the "Serenity" premiere After-Party since she looked so different! The same goes for Summer Glau.

And as an extra tidbit: at the school I work at, the 2nd graders I look after had a Dinosaur research project and a lot of them had toy dinosaurs for models and such. I immediately thought of Wash. I really wanted to play with them!

Anyway sorry for this random post. ^_^

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