January 19th, 2007


Alan Tudyk

I was watching Frasier just now, and Dan (my brother) was trying to figure out who played Frasier's new boss. I looked at him carefully, and then I realized it was Alan Tudyk. I yelled, "Fuck, it's Wash!!!" Which, of course, Dan didn't understand, because he's never seen Firefly(I pity him). I didn't recognize him at first, because he had red hair. I just got so exited when I saw him. Lookout, everybody, squealing fangirl on the loose!

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Hi guys! I come bearing icons! I just posted some art that includes Firefly/Serenity pieces, so pop over ot my lj and check it out :)

26 Firefly Icons
14 Slither Icons
10 other icons (The Office, Kristen Bell, SMG, etc)
3 Firefly Banners
3 Serenity Wallpapers
2 other Wallpapers
New Layout
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