January 27th, 2007



A parody I found on youtube. Personally, I thought it was kind of...meh. However, since I found it, I must post it. What does everyone else think?

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Lampyridae: Rise Again

[Backstory] [Rules] [Characters] [Application]

Open Canon Characters : Minor Canon Characters.
Open Original Characters : (2) Companions/Whores. (1) Medic. (4) Passengers. (?)Freelance.

Serenity and her crew are reeling from the the battle wounds that were endured during their encounter with The Operative. The loss of friends and safe harbors previously seen in the days prior to The Operative have left her in need of not only healing from the losses but also in need of new contacts and partners.

The Alliance is suffering through a loss of their own kind, the power that it once held is now waning and half of it's ranks have left and those that haven't are questioning the leaders that they once believed would deliver them to a Utopian society. Multiple high level officials believe that there is one person to blame for this downfall, a man who's waged wars against the government in more than one way, Captain Malcolm Reyolds.

Lampyridae is a Post-Serenity Firefly roleplaying game that picks up two weeks after the movie ended. We go beyond just the crew of Serenity, we have an additional two ships in which to explore the differing relationships of the crew and crews of the ships. It is a darker game dealing with mature themes and thus have a 16+ age policy.
Lei Lei

World of Firefly?

I don't know how many of you Browncoats out there play World of Warcraft (an MMORPG that's famous for it's references and homages/ripoffs), but a friend of mine does (also a Browncoat) and posted this on his journal. I just copy and pasted, but I thought it was just too cool to leave alone. :D

"I havent even started playing with the Burning Crusade's high end content, but I've already run into a Firefly referance a quest giver named K.Lee says "Have you seen the swamp gas? Isn't it just shiny?" Im sure there are many more too."

So keep an eye out if you're on WoW. Maybe there's a pair of Captain's Tightpants or something.
Knitting Panda

LJ newbie, long-time Browncoat

I finally found my way onto LiveJournal about a week ago. A friend recommended this community so here I am. I've been a fan of Firefly since day one, heck, maybe even before day one.

And apparently I'm a little slow on the uptake. I was looking over the preview pages of the first issue of the Buffy season eight comic again and something caught my eye. In the middle panel, you can clearly see the design on Buffy's shirt. A very distinct and very familiar design. Did anyone else spot this? I think this is quite awesome. Joss' doing? Or perhaps the artist's?

Anyway, this is me.