February 11th, 2007


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Title: Fetish
Author: Razycrandomgirl
Character(s): Wash/Zoe and some Mal
Rating: PG (sorry)
Timeline: from mid to late season. 
Word Count: 1642, but who's counting
Disclaimer: They're very pretty and I like to look at them, but they don't belong to me. All Joss. :-( -grumbles-
Notes: Written for the Zoe/Wash ficathon, for  calliopes_pen  who wanted the timeline during the season, Wash/Zoe to be happy, and have a misunderstanding between Mal and Wash that's humorous. And she wanted the rating to be PG-13(ish) :x phew! I hope it's ok. I only just glimpsed the rating requirements. :X I also want to thank the wonderful ceslasfor the preverbal "kick in the pants" and for being a great beta tester. :-D Also to stormkpr for the challenge, cause there is a serious shortage of Wash/Zoe fic. :X

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Hopefully this won't come across as creepy, but I need some help. I'm wanting to make an icon of Mal in his stance: an example from Serenity

Can any of you think of other instances when he stood in the same manner? I am already going through cap sites, but cappers can't possibly catch every moment.