February 21st, 2007


Digg help for California Browncoats

Hey all ...

We're trying to get as wide a distribution as possible on our request for people to submit questions for the Gender & Genre panel at WonderCon. My blog post has been Dugg, but we need more people to digg it in order for it to reach the Digg.com front page and be visible to everyone. Would you please take a moment to go to digg.com/television/Questions_needed_for_WonderCon_Panel, and click the "digg it" button?

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This is a pretty stupid question, I'm sure, but it's driving me nuts.

In, "Safe," Simon's father admonishes him for being caught in a, "black out zone." Can any of you explain to me what a black out zone is? Obviously it has something to do with being against Alliance law, but I can't recall ever hearing that term before on the show. The black, in general, yeah, but not a, "black out zone."
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Sara's Giant Firefly Pic Spam aka Why You Should Watch This Show

So I got Firefly on dvd for my birthday and decided to do a pic spam for the two part pilot episode of the show. I went a bit overboard.

My pic spam is definitely not dial-up friendly and is image heavy. It's roughly 200 caps (about 50 pics featuring four caps each) and includes my random thoughts about each scene during the episode.

You can find it H E R E. If you like it let me know and I'll do more of them.
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Firefly meme

A friend of mine and I decided to create a Firefly meme. Feel free to post in your journal, as a comment here, or whatever.

It is behind a cut tag now, just in case anyone hasn't seen the movie yet. You never know.

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