February 24th, 2007

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Don't take the PAX!

I couldn't help thinking of Serenity when I saw this article, especially this sentence:

"Previous research has also shown that a mutation of PAX6 is linked to impulsiveness and poor social skills."

Mind you, saying the Reavers have poor social skills is something of an understatement.
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A Bit of a Topic for Discussion...

    So last night  thanks to my friend eztv I watched a documentary on the Christies Auction last year of Star Trek memorabilia called "Star Trek: Beyond the Frontier"  (Yes, this is going in a Firefly related direction).  In the documentary they discussed the organizing process of the auction and how Michael Okuda was involved etc.  But in order to fill non-Trekkies in they discussed the evolution of the series(').

    As they were talking about the early stages of the series they mentioned some things that have never 'clicked" for me before now but I knew.  You see when the oridginal Star Trek premeired in 1966 it got horrible ratings, and the ratings were consistantly low through it's 3 year run before it was cancelled in 1969...

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