March 1st, 2007


Buy Firefly pilot on ITunes TODAY!

MARCH 1st 2007!! EVERYONE buy FireFly Episode 1 Serenity off ITUNES, $1.99!! We're trying to get it in the top 100!! Tell a friend and repost Let the Entire VERSE Know!!! Also It's Free to write a review and rate the show, All I've seen are 4 and 5 Stars. ***** 564 reviews, I'd like to see that over 1000, wouldn't you.


I wish that this had been set for a later date, to get more people. But let's still see...
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Do you think Firefly is a good gateway into the science fiction genre?

Do you guys like any other science fiction shows? I just think it's kind of interesting how I don't like anything else Joss Whedon has done (which seems to be a very uncommon thing around here) and other than Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, I don't really enjoy science fiction at all. What makes these shows different? No aliens (which I know for a fact is one of the reasons I like these two shows compared to other space based shows)?

Question about Mal

There’s something I’ve been wondering about in terms of Mal. In the episodes “Our Mrs Reynolds” and “Trash” we learn that he’s basically not into casual sex or that he pretty much doesn’t have it (sex) very often. (Assuming that what he told Saffron and Nandi was correct – I have no reason to believe that it wasn’t). My question is – why do you think that is? Is he just the type who prefers to have a connection or the possibility of a lasting relationship before he hops into the sack with someone? Is he pining away over Inara? Any ideas?

{{Edited in later....I typed "Trash" above but I meant "Heart of Gold". It's sad that I can't keep the names of a dozen or so episodes straight!}}
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Nathan Fillion and Tim Minear at Wonder Con

Sorry if this was posted and I missed it but I just found out about it yesterday...

In case some of you are near San Francisco, our beloved Nathan Fillion and Tim Minear are slated for a panel discussion at Wonder Con this weekend (Sunday) at the SF Moscone Center. They will both be at the Sneak Preview and Panel Discussion for the new TV series "Drive."

My friends and I are definitely going so it might be cool if a bunch of us Browncoats can give Nathan Fillion and Tim Minear some support for their new project. I'm really excited to see him again even though it won't be as personal as meeting him at the Serenity Premiere After Party but at least I'll actually get to take photos =P

Again sorry if this is old news... ^^

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Kurt Halsey Artwork
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Mal Bases Just Because :-)

So, I'm a mod in an LJ base community (for icon makers). Long story short, I got in a request for Mal bases, and got realllly excited. Thought I'd x-post 'em here for your enjoyment as well.
1. No gorram hotlinking.
2. Credit sp4z26, please.
3. Please comment with the number(s) you are taking.

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