March 14th, 2007

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Announcing a new community! (It’s been quite the day for them hasn’t it? Must be something in the spring air.)

ff_workshop is a community designed to function like a writer’s workshop.

Think about the times you've posted a fic that you've been working on, and you're not really sure about it. You post it to your journal and wait for people to tell you they love it or hate it and why they love it or hate it...but let's face it, you really only ever get comments from the people who liked it enough to take the time to push the reply button and type something in. That sort of feedback does little for your writing (though, it's mighty good for your ego). However, sometimes it's hard to really tell ify our writing is affecting your audience in the way that you intended OR if there are other areas of your writing that have some room for improvement.

In the age of drive-by high fives and "great job" on fics, a few of us tried to come up with a way for writers in the Firefly 'verse to get more in-depth reviews on their fics by distancing the writer from the reviewers. Authors can submit fics to the moderators via email (ffworkshop[at]gmail[dot]com). Those fics will then be posted anonymously to the community and reviewers will leave constructive feedback to help you improve your writing. Anyone is welcome to join, review and/or submit fics.

The best thing to do if you think you might be interested is check out the rules. Then, join the comm and either wait for the first fic OR submit one of your own! I hope that we'll be able to build a community of Firefly fanfic writers who love to talk about writing. So...come and join us? Please?

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Co-moderators: nomdeploom, cheshire_monkey, xx_squish_xx

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