April 2nd, 2007

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Serenity named top Sci-Fi film in SFX Magazine UK

Serenity has been named the top Sci-Fi film in a poll in the UK Magazine SFX. 

Here’s the full top ten:

1. Serenity 

2. Star Wars
3. Blade Runner
4. Planet of the Apes
5. The Matrix
6. Alien
7. Forbidden Planet
8. 2001: A Space Odyssey
9. The Terminator
10. Back to the Future



IC RP pimping post

I think I have actually managed to get a wave out.

Hello? Mal? Zoe? Can you hear me? Calling Serenity.

If you can hear me, this is Simon. I've been trapped on an island for a few months now, and this is the first opportunity I've had to get word out. We need a pickup. 'We' would be Kaylee, River, Inara and I. I'm transmitting a beacon as well.

Nothing makes any logical sense here. I had heard that the entire island was made out of candy not long before I had arrived. And I saw it turn pink and red and rain candy hearts on Valentine's Day. There are also bodies of water that turn you into various animal forms.

Please, come if you can.

((IC pimping post for i_s_l_a_n_d_rp. We demand the rest of the crew aside from Tams, Kaylee and Inara. They're all post BDM, but that doesn't mean that certain others aren't welcome as well. So, calling all those with Mal, Wash, Zoe, Book, and Jayne muses. Perhaps Saffron, Niska, or Early too. A Mr. Universe is fine too.

Taken Characters list and app is in the userinfo, and the app page is here. Read the rules, and fill out an app! We'd love to have you!

Oh, and do feel free to comment here with questions or if you wish to chat with Simon a little. 8D))
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