April 9th, 2007

Julie Alan

The Big Damn Cruise... :)

I'm curious as to how many folks on this group might be going on the Browncoat Cruise. I am!

For you browncoats who haven't heard about the fabulous browncoat event taking place this upcoming December, you should take a look at the Browncoat Cruise website! The event was announced December 2006, shortly after (or perhaps even during) the Flanvention-That-Wasn't (aka B3), and is being organized by the wonderful guys who produced the Done the Impossible DVD.

I encourage all of you who can to attend this gathering and join us on the cruise! It'll be a great time, and you'll be receiving loads of shiny browncoat goodness for every little penny spent. In fact, I think that it's an astonishingly good deal for the money. Here's a graphic that Jeremy posted on the Browncoat Cruise forum:

So, gang, hope we'll be seeing you there! Feel free to post your comments here if you're going to be joining us, eh?