April 11th, 2007


Where Did I See That?

I'm reading a very fine story by an author named Donald E. Westlake. The main character is a hapless criminal named John Dortmunder. I could swear I heard or saw somewhere that the name of Interstellar Alliance Vessel Dortmunder and this character are related in some fashion...

Is this true? Where did I see this? Did I hear it in a commentary?

Have I gone prematurely senile?

What of donuts?

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Just thought I'd mention yesterday when my boyfriend & I went to see The Namesake, they showed 2 trailers back to back with two of our Serenity/Firefly stars..
The first trailer shown was Talk to Me with Chiwetel Ejiofor.
The second trailer they showed was Nathan Fillion's new film Waitress.

It made me giddy like a kid.
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Can't Stop the Serenity - June 22nd in Chicago


Chicagoland Browncoats are happy to announce that we are now taking pre-orders for tickets, T-shirts and posters for this summer's Can't Stop the Serenity event to benefit Equality Now. Join us on Friday, June 22, at the Portage Theater in Chicago for a big-screen showing of "Serenity" and "Done the Impossible"!

~:~ Guarantee your T-shirt size and get a special pre-order price by ordering by May 1st!

~:~ Advance Tickets are $12.50 ($15 CASHY MONEY ONLY at the door)

Please visit our website for details:



Chicagoland Browncoats

PS: Feel free to forward this message to help spread the word!
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For my podcast!

I totally stole this from Firefly Talk.

Answer via voicemail!

If you could sit Joss down and have him explain ONE character's backstory for Firefly who would it be AND why?


If you could sit Joss down and ask him ONE question about Buffy/Angel what would it be?


Remember.. you can only answer via voicemail.... I know you all have free minutes. Use'm.

Since there's a lot of people gonna give similar answers (like the Firefly backstory) make sure to say WHY you'd wanna know.

Make sure to say your name (or nickname)... :)

Your answers will appear on an upcoming episode of Strangely Literal (a Joss Whedon fanfic podcast), by calling you agree for me to play the clip!