April 13th, 2007

As promised!

Here's that Firefly essay I mentioned about two months ago. I ended up getting tied up with plays and essays and stuff, so it got finished much later than expected. Still on time, and I'm fairly pleased with the final product. I both pointed out flaws with, and then defended my fave fandom! It's about six pages in Word. I hope those of you who can make it through the thing enjoy it, and feel free to comment. I always appreciate concrit.

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Nathan Fillion is my hero

Watched the 2-hour premiere of Nathan's new show, Drive, tonight. A most excellent way to spend an evening, for sure. An engrossing storyline, plenty of action, and intriguing characters. I won't give anything away, though, because we Canadians were lucky and got to see the show on CTV - two days before FOX is airing it. Which is hilarious because the show is being made by FOX!

Anyway - I highly recommend the show, so tape it or TiVO it or whatever you do to shows you want to watch.
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