April 24th, 2007

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Slightly off topic but all about our fearless captain's new show.


While I think he is wonderful in the show and always the right blend of humor with seriousness, I couldn't makeit past 2.2 episodes.

Could they have done just a little bit better with the location shots? It's big budget right? I am trying to suspend my disbelief here but when they say outside Gainesville, FL and they show me a car parked on the side of the interstate with desert around and big brown mountains in the background, I have to wonder if they didn't think we would find something amiss. I mean the highest point in Florida is a trash heap outside Miami (not kidding) and trust me on the lack of deserts, I have lived here all my life. Cultural wasteland at times but I think we are doing better than LA.

Apparantly if you shoot a television show the whole world must look just like Southern California.

It's so bad I can't watch it even if I enjoy him so much.

On a side note our brave pilot's new film looks like a blast and a joy to watch, seems perfect for him. It's called Death at a Funeral and you can see the trailer here http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=14998
DW: Timey Wimey

Firefly Competitive Writing Community (shippers_wars)

Now, I promised myself I wouldn't do this unless I was really desperate, and guess what, I'm desperate, so if I'm doing it in the wrong place, I am very sorry! This is a community for all those crazy obsessed shipper writers who like to defend their pairings. The idea of it is to vote for your favorite pairings, and the pairings that win, get written on and the best written work, win shiny pretties (not money, awards, banners and such).

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A musing about Drive...

For those who have been watching the show... Has anyone considered that the entire race might not be anything more than just a test, particularly of Alex Tully? There's got to be some ultimate goal for the organizers, and I have to wonder if they're putting the various drivers -- especially Alex Tully -- thru some sort of crucible, with a specific post-race goal in mind.
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