May 2nd, 2007

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Help support Nathan Fillion's new film, Waitress

Last night, I went with a friend to see a sneak preview of Waitress. About all I knew about the film was that it stars Keri Russell as Jenna and Nathan Fillion as Dr. Pomatter, and that it's a romantic comedy. Waitress is also Adrienne Shelly's last film (she wrote and directed it, as well as playing a small role). Well, it was totally delightful and charming, we loved it.

The storyline is this: Waitress Jenna (Russell) is in an abusive marriage with Earl (Jeremy Sisto). She wants to get away from him and dreams of winning a pie-baking contest as the means to getting the money to allow her to escape. Then she discovers she's pregnant, and feels that she'll never be able to get away from Earl now. Into her life walks her new doctor, Dr. Jim Pomatter (Fillion), who not only is handsome and kind, but treats her gently and with respect. He's also unfortunately married, as there's some nice chemistry between the two.

The movie is well-written and handsomely shot; and there are so many gorgeous shots of pie-making that you'll walk out of the theatre with the urge to go home and make your own. If I had to compare it to a pie, I'd compare it to a spicy apple pie - wholesome, satisfying, comforting.

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Very good reviews for Waitress in the LA Times, New York Times, and USA Today.

The LA Times noted that in honor of the late Adrienne Shelly (who was murdered in NYC last fall), "As a special Mother's Day promotion, Fox Searchlight Pictures will hand out gift bags to everyone who attends a showing of its romantic comedy Waitress at one of 100 movie theaters nationwide Sunday, May 13. The bags will include beauty products, a magazine, a frozen pie and other goods from participating sponsors, the company said." For more info, visit

Tank Girl: Why so Srs?

FOX < a pile of poop.

FOX is NOT smarter than a 5th grader is now an official facebook group (inspired by scottsnbritts)
So if you have a facebook account and hate fox as much as i do for ruining firefly, drive and countless others then come on over an join us! 

(I'm  not sure that the link will work since i had to log into my name to pull it up, but if it doesn't the group should be easy to find by clicking on groups and searching for it)

Stay strong my fellow Browncoats!
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The comic - what planet were they on?

Ok, I'm writing a ficlet for ff_workshop, and I'm hoping someone out there knows this. In the beginning of Those Left Behind, our insane overbearing intrepid captain is robbing a bank on some moon or planet while Book is giving a sermon. I have the comic in my sweaty little hand, but I cannot find anywhere where they give the name of that moon/planet. Anyone have any ideas? Virtual brownies for anyone who knows the answer. *g*