May 3rd, 2007

can't take the sky from me


Hello all, I'm new to both LJ, and fireflyfans so I thought I would post and say hi.   So yeah as you might guess I'm a huge fan of all things Firefly.  What hooked me was the first time I heard the theme song.  I just got it, and it made perfect since in relation to my life as well.  At any rate once I got to the episode it was a sure thing.

Cheers, and Keep Flying

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Curiosity and Discussion Topic

Okay so this is something I have always been curious about. In Bushwacked it becomes obvious that Mal knows an awful lot about the Reavers. I don't recall there ever being an explination as to how much he knew about the Reavers. Has anyone seen or heard anything from outside references? Anyone have any theories about what or where he found out so much about the Reavers?

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Introduction and Video

Hi! I'm new to the community (but not new to Firefly). I wanted to say hi and share a video I just made. It's a music video about Serenity to Vienna Teng's "Hope on Fire," a song I really feel captures the mood and story of the movie . You can watch it here

DVD Info

Hi Everyone!
I just got back from Target and I saw that they currently have the Firefly series DVDs on sale for $17.99, which is damned good. Anyone looking to stock up, or give an awesome graduation gift, here's a great time to do that :)

Sorry if this is repeat info.. I'm posting quickly :)
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