May 4th, 2007

Can't Stop the Serenity in Toronto

Live in Southern Ontario? Upstate New York or Michigan? Come to Toronto's Can't Stop the Serenity screening on June 23rd at the Regent Theatre, 551 Mount Pleasant. Doors open at 1:00 and we not only have Serenity on the big screen but shiny door prizes and some items so awesome we have to auction them. (Like a mini poster with the autographs of Morena, Christina, Tim Minear, Jonathan Woodward and even Robert Lee - the Fruity Oatie Bar Guy!)
You can purchase tickets and Tshirts at and find out more information here.

Hey Man Nice Shot

Disclaimer: It's all Joss' fault. :-(
Characters: Mal, Zoe.
Rating: T just to be safe. :\ War Time = people doing not nice things.
Promtp: Shot for </a></b></a>firefly100 300 words.
Notes: So, I got Filter on the brain and wrote this to the song "Hey Man Nice Shot". 
X-posted: all over sorry about that. -smirk-
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firefly/serenity on your ipod?

anyone still have an active link to the movie for your ipod or how to get the dvd onto your ipod...?

I finally got my 80gig and want to put it on there... so anyone help?

Edit: yes I know the tv show is on itunes.. I've already purchased it.... but I'm looking for the movie... which they don't have