May 20th, 2007


Joss Post on Whedonesque, and Something You Can Do

This is sort of off-topic, and sort of not. First, if you haven’t yet, go read Joss’s moving post on Whedonesque.

Go. I’ll wait.

Stirring stuff, no? So, about an hour ago, I got an e-mail from a long-time BlackMarketBeagle customer with a fantastic suggestion to create a t-shirt that says “I am Dua Khalil.” As the person who sent me the suggestion said, “I don’t want this event to fade from public memory with a simple “tsk, tsk” as we move on to the sports page.” I wholeheartedly agree. I think it’s a great way of standing up an being counted among those who refuse to accept this situation as an acceptable status quo. Dua can not speak for herself, so we who can, must. I may be a man, but I, too, am Dua Khalil.

I’ve marked up the shirts $5 above cost, and I plan to donate all of the proceeds to Equality Now. If that makes them too expensive, e-mail me and I’ll sell one to you at cost or at whatever markup you feel comfortable with.

I also included the Equality Now logo. I’m going out on a limb, because I haven’t actually gotten permission for it yet (I e-mailed Mandy Sullivan, but it’s close to midnight on the east coast), but I think it’s something she’ll be ok with.