May 23rd, 2007


Older companions

Re-watching “Shindig” the other day, a question popped into my head. What do you think happens to companions when they get older? I wonder how long the average companion can keep working at her trade. I would think that the people who could afford to buy their services would have a preference for young companions (unless society’s views on aging – particularly on older women – are radically different 500 years in the future than they are now). So what does a companion do when she or he gets older? I’d imagine an older companion could train younger ones, but how many training jobs can there really be?

I wonder if the average companion just has to make as much money as she can when she’s young, and be prepared to learn another trade when she’s older.

There might be a few clients who would do what Atherton Wing tried to – purchase a long-term arrangement with a companion. But I’d imagine that many of these arrangements are set up for a specific period of time rather than forever – and again, unless society loves middle-aged women in the future, I’d imagine most clients seeking long-term companions would go for younger ones and have the arrangement be for a specific period of time.